Thursday, April 8, 2010

Know more about Mel Mathay

I am a Quezon City resident and a voter as well. I was not a voter yet when ex QC Mayor Mel Mathay governed the city. So i did a research on his background and what he have done for the city. Here's some infos about him:

He was a Congressman of QC's 4th district when he fought against the projected 300% increase in real estate. There was no increase in taxes in Quezon City during his first term as the city's Mayor. Thus, for the first time the Local Government Code allowed borrowing of funds, and He authorized a loan for the Quezon City government which was obtained at the lowest prevailing interest rate from the Philippine National Bank based on the city’s strong financial statement and revenue potential. Funds from this loan were then used for basic services and some infrastructures in the city.

MEL MATHAY was Vice Governor of Metro Manila he was instrumental in pursuing the completion of the first rail base mass transit (LRT 1) from Bonifacio Monument (Grace Park) to Baclaran. The connection of LRT 2 to LRT 3 to Marcos Highway (Marikina) passing through Aurora Boulevard, QC was fully supported by MEL MATHAY, as MAYOR of Quezon City. Other projects such as the development of the MRT 3 Depot Station, the continuation of C5 from Katipunan/ Escopa through a flyover towards Katipunan /Ateneo, the Mindanao Avenue Extension and the Eastwood City were all supported by him.

Now, he is running again for the Mayoralty race of Quezon City. Let us support him once again, for him to continue his mission for not just the beautification but a more progressive Quezon City.

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