Friday, April 23, 2010

Between a Kiss ass and a Plunderer

They say that there are two big names to choose in the Mayoralty race in Quezon City, BAUTISTA AND DEFENSOR.

BAUTISTA has an on going case at the Ombudsman and still facing several charges against him and his brother, while DEFENSOR was and still under the president's asylum. Yes, they are big, they made it as if they are the only candidate to choose from. Bragging about their "incomparable" political experience and yet established a shitty reputation.

Wake up people! they are not your only choice. There are others who are more capable and deserving of our votes. Are we going to limit ourselves to choose between these two guys? There's also Mathay and Susano (but who cares about her). Mathay has served the city for about 3 consecutive terms, and he did well. With that, I guess, I already have a choice.

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