Wednesday, April 7, 2010

His mission..

A couple of months ago, the candidates running for QC's Mayoralty race was announced. There were five of them. Five aspirants for the position. But who among those five could make the city more progressive? could be a good leader of the city? As the official campaign kicked off I listened to them, analyzed their promised programs and followed every blogs and news about them.

As expected, of course, they all have a good set of programs for QC's next two years. But one of them caught my interest. He's the former Mayor of QC. His advocacy "MAMAYAN MUNA" - The People Come First. His mission is for the benefit of the people of QC, from education, to business and economic development, to social and health services, among others.

But it is more that just his platform that caught my attention. It is he being in silence despite of all the dirty gimiks and tactics of his contenders. I admire him for that. He has the qualities of a good servant to the people. He is a man of honor and dignity. He is Mel Mathay.

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