Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Independents...

I salute all the Independent candidates in this National Election. for being brave enough to face the big group of parties... i believe in their visions and platforms especially my bet, Mayor Mel Mathay. During his term he did well and I know he can do more...He is my bet..he is my man..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

bistek in silence --not good

Allegations, rumors, accusations etc. these are the issues in front of Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista's face. But despite of these, Bistek kept on being silent-- be a man dude! you have done nothing! yet you are so proud not to talk about your cases???

Ang Quezon City ay isa sa pinakamayayamang lungsod sa bansa, pero ang daming mahihirap… Mas malaki ang taxesng Quezon City kaysa sa Makati. Saan napupunta ang pera natin?" Chang said. --- In fairness this is true..

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All of Noynoys Men

Drug buster Mayor Alfredo Lim's son was caught with 100 grams of SHABU and eventually escaped from the country. Recom Eccheverri, the tough guy of Caloocan, is known for his quick temper... And know Bistek bullies security guards of a subdivision!

Two security guards in Quezon City recently cried foul over the alleged “arrogance” of Vice Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista and his convoy of supporters for forcing their way inside the closed residential enclave.
The two guards, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from Bautista, positively identified as the one who shouted at them when they refused to open the gates of the Cresta Verde Village for the group.
“Hoy, ano ba guard? Bubuksan mo ba ito o hindi?!” Bautista reportedly exclaimed while pointing his fingers at the two security personnel.
Accounts of the guards showed Bautista alighted from his Starex Van and made the remarks after the guards refused him and his convoy entry into the already “sleeping” subdivision.
“Iligal ‘yung ginawa ni Vice Mayor. Pribadong subdivision ito. Hindi dapat siya nagpumilit na pumasok,” the more senior guard said.
The security logbook of the subdivision showed the incident occurred at around 10:45 last April 14 when Bautista’s convoy reached the gate of Cresta Verde.
Three men onboard three motorcycles reportedly approached the two guards and asked for the gate to be opened.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ano ba ang nagawa ni BISTEK?

-- I would like to repost this article

A star glittered over the village of West Riverside in Quezon City one Wednesday night.

For a moment, the residents — mostly dressed in tattered clothes and plain slippers — thought they can finally find out what it was like to see and hear a real, live star in their midst.

But it vanished as soon as it appeared.

Nasaan na si vice mayor? Bakit biglang nawala?" said one surprised resident when Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, Liberal Party (LP) mayoralty bet, this coming polls, left a sortie in their area only a few minutes after he arrived.

NOW YOU SEE HIM, NOW YOU DON'T. Liberal Party Quezon City mayoral bet Herbert Bautista has remained silent on accusations of incompetence hurled towards him by his rivals. Andreo Calonzo
Bautista, a former actor who played the role of Quezon City vice mayor for the past nine years, showed how comfortable he was onstage during his brief appearance at the sortie.

He cracked a few green jokes, led his slate into dancing to the tune of his campaign jingle and gave an entertaining speech before the obviously star-struck residents.

Joy Belmonte, Bautista’s running mate and daughter of incumbent Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, Jr., even talked about Bautista’s private life to engage the crowd during her speech.

She asked the audience to enumerate female celebrities who were linked to Bautista, to which the crowd willingly gave answers.

In contrast, when the younger Belmonte asked the people about Bautista’s accomplishments during his 15 years in the city government, the rowdy crowd went silent.

Kapag tinanong ang love life mo, alam na alam. Kapag tungkol sa mga nagawa mo, tahimik," the LP vice-mayoral bet quipped.

-- It is because..hindi alam ng mga tao ano nga ba ang nagawa ni BISTEK???? tanungin mo din sa mg nagawa nyang pelikula mabilis pa sa alasinko angsgot ng mga tao..wala kasi silang nakikita or nakita..maliba sa mga naririnig nilang balita sa mga kasong kinakaharap ngayon ni Bistek.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pagkatapos ng Ondoy

I live in Proj. 8 and my tattoo shop is there as well. My everyday scenario: mga nakatira sa gitna ng congressional ave. After the typhoon Ondoy they have set their lives to live there. In my dismay, he government of Quezon City did none to relocate them at least to a more decent place.

Since, Bautista pledge to continue Belmonte's will, the people in Congressional ave might spend the thier lives in the middle of the street if Bautista wins! oh well I hope not.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

YES! he can!

Many people are questioning his capability to serve Quezon City at the age of 77... well I will say he is much competent over those two freaks fighting against each other just to win the throne of QC. Why? because he had already proven his capabilities to lead the city in 3 consecutive terms. He fought against tax increase during his term. He lead and supported major infrastructures in the city. No doubt, he is the "FATHER OF MODERN QC". He had been a good leader and I believe he can and will lead Quezon City free from graft and corruption. He is Mel Mathay..